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  • Why RadiWise

    Q: Why should I buy the RadiWise Shield and not one of the other products on the market?

    A: It is simple; As verified by our SE and SAR testing, our product works. We make the full details of our testing available for your scrutiny. Don’t be fooled by other products that have not been fully tested.

  • RadiWise Testing Details

    Q: Where can I find the details of the testing done on the RadiWise shield?

    A: RadiWise has been tested by two independent labs conducting both a Shielding Effectiveness and the industry standard SAR test. Both tests show excellent results when using RadiWise.  You can view the SE Test Report and SAR Test Report here.  You can download the full Test Reports here.

  • Cell Phone Reception

    Q: Will the use of RadiWise Shield on my cell phone affect my cell phone reception and clarity of calls?

    A: No, there is no negative effect on the ability for you to send and receive phone calls with your cell phone. RadiWise modifies the near-field plumb and not the way your device communicates to and with the cell towers.

  • Use of Wi-Fi

    Q: Will the use of the RadiWise Shield affect my Wi-Fi reception?

    A: No, there is no negative effect on the wi-fi reception when using RadiWise on your cell phone or tablet.

  • Installing RadiWise

    Q: Will attaching the RadiWise Shield on the outside of my cell phone case reduce its effectiveness?

    A: We recommend attaching the RadiWise Shield to your phone, then re-installing the case for best adhesion.  If your cell phone case is smooth and the adhesive of the RadiWise Shield will adhere securely to it, you can install the RadiWise Shield to your cell phone case.  It should be noted, that due to the way the Shield functions, the installation location of the Shield does not have to be exact.

  • Installation Location

    Q: Where on my cell phone should I attach my RadiWise Shield?

    A:  See the Placement Guide for the best location on your cell phone to install the RadiWise Shield.  If the model of your cell phone is not listed in our guide, please Contact Us and provide the manufacturer and model of your cell phone or tablet. We will conduct the necessary research and add it to the Placement Guide.

  • RadiWise Use On Other Devices

    Q: I have a mobile tablet device that I use to make calls and connect to Wi-Fi. Will RadiWise Shield work on my tablet?

    A: Yes, RadiWise will work in a similar manner on your tablet.  Please consult the Placement Guide to determine the best location to attach RadiWise to your tablet.  Keep in mind that the primary danger is when the device is used in proximity to the head.

  • How Long Will It Last

    Q: How long will my RadiWise Shield last?

    A: The RadiWise Shield is a passive device, and as such, the lifetime of the device is virtually unlimited.

  • What materials are used

    Q: What materials are used in the construction of the RadiWise Shield?

    A: The materials used in the construction of the RadiWise Shield are proprietary.  The materials used in the RadiWise Shield deflect a portion of the near-field Radio Frequency (RF) energy away from the user, helping protect the user from the long-term effects of RF energy.

  • What does RadiWise Absorb

    Q: What does the RadiWise Shield absorb?

    A: The function of RadiWise is not to absorb but rather to deflect RF energy.  By modifying the near-field plume it can lower the amount of RF energy that the user receives when using a cell phone equiped with the RadiWise shield.

  • Radiation through the screen

    Q: Does RadiWise absorb radio waves sent through the screen?

    A: The construction of the phone limits the radiation coming through the screen. The placement of the antennas on cell phones allows the device to communicate through edges of the phone. This occurs in all directions.

  • Protection and RadiWise Placement

    Q: Does RadiWise only provide protection where it is placed?

    A: The primary function is to modify the near-field radiation plumb so the exact area of placement of the RadiWise shield is not critical.

  • What makes RF energy Dangerous

    Q: What makes long-term exposure to RF energy dangerous?

    A: Even at low levels, long-term exposure to radiation can modify and damage the cellular structure.  In many cases, this simply prevents cells from reproducing, but in some cases, these modifications can create cancerous cells.  We see this in long-term exposure to the RF energy of the sun.  The materials used in the RadiWise Shield deflect a portion of the near-field RF energy away from the user, helping protect the user from these long-term effects.